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KiddoSpace’s Sensory Swing

This sensory swing is a source of fun and calm, helping kids play happily and feel more relaxed, all in a safe indoor space.

Perfect for kids aged 3+

Provides relaxation for hyperactive or anxious kids

Help children calm down and regulate their emotions

Safe and easy to install

Ideal Christmas Gift

HK$449.99 HK$349.99
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Easy to install

Comes with easy-to-understand user manual to get it installed in less than 10 minutes



Provides a hug-like feeling to children and makes them feel safe, secure, and loved


Strong fabric

Durable fabric that can easily support up to 250 lbs without breaking or tearing

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Discover the Perfect Retreat for Hyperactive or Anxious Kids

Whether your child is a spirited adventurer, neurodivergent, hyperactive, anxious, or has unique sensory needs like ADHD, SPD, or more…

This swing is the perfect retreat for relaxation, calm, and playful excitement.

Imagine a swing designed just for them, where soothing comfort meets joyful adventure.

Watch as your little one swings gently, finding comfort in each movement.

It's a nurturing haven for them to explore and experience a calming sensation, offering the extra stimulation or peaceful moment they need.

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Helps children calm down, regulate emotions and improve their focus

When kids feel overwhelmed, it's not just a regular fuss – it's a big storm that's hard to handle.

This swing is smartly made to feel like a cosy hug, like a safe and snug cocoon.

The compression from this swing gives a hug-like feeling to your child and makes them feel safe and when they swing, it's like a happy button for their brain and it reduces stress hormones dramatically.

Its movement helps them feel better and calm down, as they swing, read a book, or even take a nap on this swing.

Play and therapy infused in one swing!


Improves focus

Kids with ADHD can swing to improve focus and restructure their brain to other activities


Regulate emotions

Children with sensory needs can swing to regulate their emotions and spend their energy more wisely

Creative (2).png__PID:3470ecea-ecb6-406a-a106-b0976034cf19

Multiple ways to use

Children can sleep, read, use phone, or just swing - they decide how they want to use it



Made with high-quality nylon material to prevent breakage



Can be installed and moved to any place you want

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Nylon fabric can handle up to 250 lbs of weight

giphy (6).gif__PID:feb95966-55cb-411e-b06c-bc5f82d4cf37

Less than 10 minutes to install and can be hung both indoors & outdoors

This swing has been designed with the toughest nylon fabric, ensuring it stands strong for years to come.

When you bring this home, you're not just getting a swing – you're getting a complete package.

With simple instructions and all the accessories you need to hang it, you'll have this swing up and ready in less than 10 minutes.

Plus, you will get to decide whether to hang it indoors on the ceiling, perfect for cosy winter play, or outdoors on a tree, ideal for enjoying the warm summer breeze.


A Christmas Gift Your Child Will Love

Want to see the excitement and smile on your child’s face? Get this swing as a gift for them for Christmas and they’ll thank you for life.

It's not just a present; it's a special treasure that they'll always remember and be thankful for.

This swing is like a life-saver for hyperactive, anxious children or children with sensory needs, it helps them regulate their emotions, feel safe, and put their extra energy and need of extra stimulation to good use.

You get several hanging options because the swing can be hung anywhere you want which makes it even fun for your little one.


Try this Sensory Swing today - Risk free!

As a customer-oriented brand, we’ve always put our customer experience first. That’s why, if for any reason at all, you don’t like this product…

Or you received a faulty product and want it replaced, or you just simply didn’t like the colour…

Write back to us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll give you a complete refund - No questions asked!

What’s included?

  • 1x Sensory Swing
  • 1x Safety Belt
  • 1x Carabiner
  • 4x Screws
  • 1x High-quality rope
  • 1x Extremely strong ceiling hook bracket
  • 1x 30-day money-back guarantee

Our swing is 5 steps ahead of normal toys


Sensory Swing


Normal Toys

Ideal for hyperactive, anxious or kids with sensory needs

Safe and Durable  

Improves focus

Calms and relaxes kids

Boosts happiness and joy

Unveil a world of comfort and joy for your kids!



This swing lets kids have a wonderful time swinging their hearts out



Highly durable and strong fabric and hardware kit makes sure your child doesn’t get injured while swinging (supports up to 250lbs)


Used indoors & outdooor

Harsh weather in the playground? This swing lets you bring the playground home so children can swing freely in their own room.

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